My name is Anna-Lena Berggren and has a small shed in my garden.

Constance is not large, but very well stocked. I love beautiful Porcelain, Ceramics and Glass, fine hand-worked fabrics and well made and nice bags, baby quilts and hand woven rag rugs, postcards, etc. etc.

China comes partly from our Porcelain Factories in Sweden but also from other parts of Europe, where German is the most represented. Dresden China has a special place in my heart.

Anything more that I'm particularly fond of the coffee cups on my website you will find very many different. You can buy an entire dinner set of some sorts, or just one or a few to supplement or use when you and your friend takes a tear. Whoever collects the cups have ample opportunities to complete his collection.
There is copper from the 1800s until relatively newly in prices from 10 - to - 300: -/each.

Odd coffee pots are nice to have in the window, fill them with water so they can help you to increase the humidity, it also makes it the perfect temperature for the houseplant watering.

See also my pages on figurines, here are many from Spain, Denmark, but also some fine old from Germany.
They are fine to put in groups, but I think a lot to have some of the window among the flowers.

Trends in home furnishings come and go in my shop I do not care so much about them, beautiful things consist.

Anyone who collects postcards can find both topographical from many parts of Sweden, from our most famous postcard artists such as Jac Edgren, Lars Carlson and others

In the summer I set also up a tent that I fill with assorted flea market stuff. Here you can find a very wide range,  a book for 2 -, Textile, for a cheap price, a beautiful Saint Paula, etc., you can actually find things that do not cost anything at all if you're lucky.

Sometimes my friends with their stuff and sell crafts, gadgets and all manner of things. They are always welcome to set up a table in my garden, so there may be an extra surprise when you arrive.
Once a year, all at the same time, then we have a large flea market and coffee party in the garden. All customers are treated to coffee and homemade, it tends to be a great atmosphere. As of year it falls can be found on my website.
In 2013, the June 1 at 10:00 to 16:00.

Take a trip to the shop, take the way many. I pick out new things in the shop all the time.

If you have any questions, maybe it's someone in particular you're looking for, call me. Have I not in stock, so I can try to get it.


Hearty Welcome.


Anna's Shed Antiques, Collectibles and homespun

Ringvägen 24  Glanshammar  Sweden

Tel. +46 70-6462100, +46 19-465801



Wednesday at. 18:00 to 21:00
Saturday at. 10:00 to 15:00.


Please visit my website where I have some of my stuff photographed. Is it something where you are specially interested, please contact me so I certainly have it in the store when you arrive.
You also have the opportunity to get your stuff sent home, I pack and ship, see examples of postage on my website. Packing and packaging costs nothing extra but the cost comes from the shipping companies we use.
In Sweden, according to Schenker's price list and Except Sweden Post's
shipping costs.